Isabelle Pabst is a german-croatian singer and musician living in Cologne.

She is a member of the band Tired Eyes Kingdom.

Her solo album 'Als die Stille aus der Zeit fiel' will be released in autumn 2023.

She likes to sing for awkward spaces. She calls that momos.

Upcoming Live Events:
11.3.2023 // Hans Nieswandt Release KÖLN // CLUBHEIM OLYMPIA
16.3.2023 // Hans Nieswandt Release HAMBURG // PUDEL CLUB 
17.3.2023 // Hans Nieswandt Release BERLIN  // PALOMA

The debut album was kindly supported by Stadt Köln and will be released autumn 2023.
The first full performance of "Als die Stille aus der Zeit fiel" 
took place April 7th 2022 at Zeiss Planetarium Bochum.

Scholarships in past & present:

During corona pandemic I could keep working on my music thanks to the
 Ministry of Culture and Science of North-Rhine Westphalia. 

In 2019 I was supported by Individuelle KünstlerInnen Förderung were I could explore my a capella & movement experiments.