"Als die Stille aus der Zeit fiel" - debut album

The debut album "Als die Stille aus der Zeit fiel" is out now on vinyl and online. 

FLOWER HANS: I was happy to be part of the new album FLOWER HANS by my dear mentor Hans Nieswandt. In March 2023 I had the pleasure to accompany him for his release tour together with dear PERFORMANCE_WAVE

Tired Eyes Kingdom

is a trip hop band / musical self help group formed by Elif Dikeç, Isabelle Pabst and Yotam Schlezinger. TEKs first EP was released 2017. Their debut album 'Burn the Castle' was released 2020.

norway.today - theatre music

In November 2019 I was composing and performing the soundtrack for the play 'norway.today' at the Bühne 1 (Regie: Mihails Gubenko) together with Tired Eyes Kingdom.

OPEK - Feature 'Very Far'

In Febuary 2021 producer OPEK released a great EP which I was happy to be part of in a featured track 'Very Far'. The whole EP is found on all digital platforms.

Isabelle Pabst & Dennis Kresin

during lockdown guitarist Dennis Kresin and I played some of our favourite singer-songwriter music outside for people passing by. You can find two videos on his youtube channel.