Als die Stille aus der Zeit fiel

The debut performance of my upcoming album took place in the mesmerizing dome of Zeiss Planetarium in Bochum. The album will be released October 13th 2023.

FLOWER HANS: I was happy to be part of the new album FLOWER HANS by my dear mentor Hans Nieswandt. In March 2023 I had the pleasure to accompany him for his release tour together with dear PERFORMANCE_WAVE

Tired Eyes Kingdom

is a trip hop band / musical self help group formed by Elif Dikeç, Isabelle Pabst and Yotam Schlezinger. TEKs first EP was released 2017. Their debut album 'Burn the Castle' was released 2020. - theatre music

In November 2019 I was composing and performing the soundtrack for the play '' at the Bühne 1 (Regie: Mihails Gubenko) together with Tired Eyes Kingdom.

OPEK - Feature 'Very Far'

In Febuary 2021 producer OPEK released a great EP which I was happy to be part of in a featured track 'Very Far'. The whole EP is found on all digital platforms.

Isabelle Pabst & Dennis Kresin

during lockdown guitarist Dennis Kresin and I played some of our favourite singer-songwriter music outside for people passing by. You can find two videos on his youtube channel.